Testimonials From Our Customers

"Our change out of over 90 new rollers went well. Thanks again for the on-time delivery." -- Pensacola Christian College, FL "We use the MBO scroll on all the Stahl folders in our banking centers worldwide now." -- Pitney Bowes, Whitestown, IN "We ordered a set of rollers from you and we love them! We love your pricing, and great customer service as well!" -- Twenty-First Century Press, Buffalo, NY "After one and a half years, the core exchange rollers for all of our MBO B32s perfection folders are still running fine." -- PPP Corp, Scarborough, ON "We changed all of our Stahl folders to TH rollers. Run speeds are much faster than they used to be." -- RR Donnelley, San Diego, CA

Our customers include leading printers, binderies, and mailhouses, large and small, throughout the U.S. and worldwide.Contact us to request a list of customers in your area. More Testimonials.

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